We are local farmers (Silt, Colorado) who wanted to grow this amazing plant because of all the benefits it provides. Hemp can be used for textiles, paper, building materials, plastics, rejuvenation of soils, medicinally and in over 50,000 applications! We believe that God provided this tremendous plant so that we could use it to better our earth and heal our ailments. Feel good about the fact that you’re using an all natural healing product when you purchase Health Harmony because we care about what goes in to your body. CBD is the main cannabinoid in our products and is used to bring your body to a homeostasis state. It can help diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, insomnia, energy, depression, Cardiovascular Disease, cancer, bone disease, anti-inflammatory issues, skin ailments, anxiety & stress just to mention a few.
129 Larkspur Court
Silt, CO 81652
1900 Railroad Ave. Unit A & B
Rifle, CO 81650
701 Main Street Unit C
Silt, CO 81652
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