Volunteer Counselor for June 24-27, July 8-13, July 15-20

Tepee Bible Camp
Job Description
This is an unpaid volunteer position. However we will help you gain financial support for your self while volunteering. We have had staff earn as much as $500 per week they volunteer. 
A Background Check by the State of Colorado is required for this position and we cover that cost. 
  1. Attend the required staff training from 8 am. to 6 pm. the Saturday prior to the Sunday your camp begins.
  2. Arrive no later than 11:30 on the first day of each camp to attend the first staff meeting.
  3. Faithfully pray for each camper in their tepee and for the camp as a whole.
  4. Manifest a Christ-like attitude and behavior at all times.
  5. Maintain Spiritual health and relationship with God through Jesus Christ by devotions, etc.
  6. Strictly adhere to the doctrinal statement of the camp.
  7. Dress appropriately – no short shorts (must have at least a 5 in. inseam), no short skirts, midriffs, halter tops, shirts with spaghetti straps. Bring long pants, a long sleeved shirt or jacket, a hat, a water bottle, and sturdy shoes for the National Forest hike.
  8. Bring a sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, towel, wash cloth, Bible, Pen, small notebook, flashlight, insect repellant, sun screen, and ample clothing for the week.
  9. Learn your camper’s names. Greet them and their parents as they arrive.
  10. Interview your campers during the week through the counselor-one-on-one interview sheet.
  11. Hold devotions in your tepee each morning and evening.
  12. Attend all staff meetings. Bring a battery-operated alarm clock so you can be on time in the morning.
  13. Accompany your group of campers on life's trail hike (all grades) and the National Forest Hike (grades 5-10).
  14. Be cooperative with all other members of the camp staff.
  15. Talk to each one of your campers about their salvation and walk with the Lord individually during the week.
  16. Consciously care for the health and safety of their campers.
  17. Be responsible to the chief. Their directions are to be followed to the letter.
  18. Act like an adult at all times. Keep the proper relationship with the campers.
  19. Spend as much free time as possible with your campers. We are here to minister to them, be available to do anything with them. There will be other times to socialize with the staff.
  20. Enforce the camper rules consistently.
  21. Strictly enforce quiet hours. Do not send kids out after lights out except to go to the bathroom.
  22. Know where your campers are at all times (count them). Only the counselor will go look for a camper if they are not present at an activity. Be sure your campers are at all scheduled events and meetings.
  23. Monitor the showers, making sure no “horse play” is taking place. Make sure your campers remove their belongings from the shower house and pick up any trash before they leave the building.
  24. Sit with your tepee at all meetings and meal times except the birthday meal.
  25. Do not pursue boy-girl relationships with other counselors or staff, your primary responsibility is to serve the campers, remember you are the one who volunteered.
  26. Participate in all activities your tepee is asked to do, including Bible Classes, Missionary Hour, Recreation, Games, Hikes, etc.
  27. Watch your example: Your language, dress, how your time is spent, and especially your attitude. Do not complain in front of the campers and do not say anything unkind or derogatory about anyone.
  28. Govern the camper’s conduct inside the tepee at all times of the day. Order must be kept in a loving way.
  29. During tepee clean-up make sure everyone helps out. Don’t be lax. Tepees will be inspected. Assist your tepee in clean-up and help them choose a theme for their design each day. Younger children will need you to actively participate in constructing the design.
  30. Encourage Bible Study, Scripture memorization, etc. during rest hour. Make it a meaningful time.
  31. Ensure your tepee is quiet when it is time for “Lights Out”.
  32. Do your part at the campfire to promote an atmosphere of fun and sharing what Christ has done through the week in the camper’s life. This can be the most important time, spiritually speaking, during the whole camp.
  33. Oversee your tepee and help them with dish duty in the kitchen.
  34. Make sure any ill camper is taken to the camp medical person as soon as possible.
  35. Accompany any injured camper to the medical person, making sure the rest of your tepee is being supervised by another adult before you walk the camper to the medical office. 
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