Camp Chief July 8-13 or July 15-20

Tepee Bible Camp
Job Description
This is an unpaid volunteer position, however we will assist you as much as possible in raising funds to provide income for the week you volunteer at camp. The amount you receive will depend on the folks willing to sponsor you. 
We have had staff earn $500 per week that they volunteer. 
Requires a background check from the State of Colorado. We pay for this.

  1. The Camp Chief can be male or female but must be 20 years of age for younger camps and 21 years of age or older for the 8-10th grade camps and family camp.
  2. Attend the required Chief and Sr. Staff training held the Saturday before your camp begins. Training is from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  3. Manifest a Christ-like attitude and behavior at all times.
  4. Strictly adhere to the Statement of Faith.
  5. Prayerfully prepare and be well grounded in the Word of God before coming to camp.
  6. Submit any first-aid certifications you have so they may be copied and placed in your volunteer file.
  7. Be prepared and on time for all camp activities.
  8. Dress appropriately – no short shorts (must have at least a 5 in. inseam), no short skirts, midriffs, halter tops, shirts with spaghetti straps. Bring long pants, a long sleeved shirt or jacket, a hat, a water bottle, and sturdy shoes for the National Forest hike.
  9. Bring a sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, towel, wash cloth, Bible, flashlight, insect repellant, sun screen, and ample clothing for the week.
  10. Do not pursue romantic relationships during camp as these will distract from our purpose and inhibit team effectiveness.
  11. To help avoid confusion or misunderstandings, girls minister to girls and guys minister to guys.
  12. Show leadership qualities as Christ did with His disciples.
  13. Execute the following duties:
  1. Meet with all workers at 2:00pm the day camp starts. Go over any changes in the policy manual, your expectations as a leader and any other important items given to you by the Director. (You only have 1 hour to complete this task so please start on time!
  2. Be available to greet all parents as they arrive, then make sure the appropriate counselor comes to the registration area to help the camper and parents carry the camper's belongings to the designated tepee.
  3. Announce ALL camp rules at first camper meeting and after all campers have seen the Medicine Man/Woman. Make sure to explain the fire and flood drills as stated in the policy manual.  Introduce all staff. 
  4. It will be up to you to lead ALL camp meetings.
  5. Meet with counselors in the morning for devotions you have selected prior to the beginning of camp.  Praise and reprimand their efforts as needed.
  6. Enforce ALL rules for campers.
  7. Keep counselors and counselors-in-training accountable in their walk with the Lord.
  8. Consult the camp director if any questions arise.
  9. Promote an atmosphere open to sharing at the campfire and take control as needed.
  10. Co-Lead the National Forest hike on Wednesday for grades 5-7 and 8-10.
  11. Lead the ‘Life’s Trail Hike’ on Tuesday (or delegate this to a responsible person).
  12. Take charge or delegate responsibilities.
  13. Assign a Jr. Staff member (if possible someone not related to any of the campers)  to be the week’s scorekeeper.
  14. Take charge of the Barnyard Olympics and recruit help as needed.
  15. Assign bathroom clean-up for the day every morning at breakfast.
  16. An announcement MUST be made every morning at breakfast that any campers who visited the Medicine Man/Woman for illness or injury the day before MUST see the Medicine Man/Woman immediately following breakfast.
  17. Assign KP duty to tepees at each meal.
  18. Give the signal when groups need to move in the morning rotation.
  19. . Assign a final clean-up of worship house, girls/boys bathrooms, Eat’Um House and all grounds to tepees.
  20.  Make sure all quarters are cleaned at the end of camp.
  21. Sign off on ALL camper forms after you have checked the tepees and after the camper and counselor have signed them; do NOT let a camper leave until his/her parents have been to the office to check them out with camp director (this is a serious safety issue).
  22. When giving hugs always give sideways hugs (This is for your own protection).
  23. Give encouragement to all staff whenever possible.
  24. Clean your quarters when camp is over.
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